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Aug 01, 2017 Do a Barrel Roll. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Nov 21, 2019 #DURecorder This is my video recorded with DU Recorder. It’s easy to record your screen and livestream. Download link: Android: iOS: ht.

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Sandrem released this Dec 22, 2017 · 2818 commits to development since this release


Barrel Roll For Android Free Download Windows 7

Barrel Roll For Android Free Download Windows 10


  • No context menu for ships — “Show maneuver selection”, “Perform maneuver”, “Declare as target” commands are called directly after ship is selected by left mouse button.
  • You can check range/arc using right mouse button for target

By Sandrem:

  • Lattz Razzi (Crew), Integrated Astromech, R3-A2
  • Jakku Playmat (from Tabletop Simulator)
  • HotAC AI tables are added for ships: U-Wing, Auzituck Gunship, Sheathipede-class Shuttle, TIE Agressor, TIE Striker, Quadjumper

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By Matthew Blanchard:

By Galaxy613:

  • Mod “Titles for classic ships”: 3 new titles for X-Wing, 1 new title for TIE Fighter

By TerranCmdr:

  • Incorrect final positions of ships after executing a lot of non-straight movements — fixed
  • Reduced cost of upgrades can be shown below 0 — fixed (Matthew Blanchard)
  • R5-K6 is fixed
  • Attack of Wedge against 0-agility ships causes them to gain 1 agility — fixed
  • Howlrunner grants dice modification to enemy ships too — fixed
  • Camera is moving while cursor is outside the window (only window mode) — fixed
  • Duplicated message about illegal attack — fixed
  • Target ship is not set while distance/arc is measured (during second+ game only) — fixed
  • Upgrades with reduction of cost cannot be installed — fixed
  • Chopper (crew) deals damage before action is successfully finished — fixed
  • Weapon Failure crit and Asteroid obstruction don’t work with secondary weapons — fixed
  • Name of Advanced Targeting Computer is too long and doesn’t fit in ship info panel — fixed
  • Mobile firing arc doesn’t work in left position –fixed
  • Card images for salvaged astromechs are not shown — fixed (Rune-b)
  • Kyle Katarn doesn’t have elite icon — fixed
  • Kyle Katarn and Roark Garnet are not unique pilots — fixed
  • Cost of Nien Nunb is 2 instead of 1 — fixed
  • Swarm Tactics activates after destruction of ship — fixed
  • Ionized ship with HotAC AI owner can swerve — fixed
  • Movement of ionized ship still activates “When show maneuver” trigger — fixed
  • Bases of ships are not highlighted in the start of the match — fixed
  • Trigger “Attack window is ended” is not fired if ship is not tried to attack — fixed
  • Setup of large ships cannot be performed from the first attempt — fixed
  • Jumpmaster5000 has animation “1 hull left” from start — fixed
  • Dice are frozen in mid-air — fixed
  • HotAC AI ships don’t have “Remove stress” action — fixed
  • Sabine Wren (TIE Fighter) doesn’t have EPT — fixed
  • Effects like “Sensor Jammer” break network game — fixed
  • Second set of cluster mines breaks game — fixed
  • If ship is left the board just before combat phase start then it still counted as not destroyed for a few seconds — fixed
  • Millenium Falcon (HotR) title cannot be installed — fixed
  • Advanced SLAM doesn’t work — fixed
  • TIE/v1 causes crash if action is skipped — fixed
  • Advanced Targeting Computer causes crash if target of attack is destroyed — fixed
  • Interated Astromech is fixed
  • Luke Skywalker (crew) doesn’t give dice modification for second attack — fixed
  • Boost causes crash on Android platform — fixed
  • Barrel Roll causes bug on Android platform — Barrel Roll is temporary disabled
  • Darren Holdaway
  • Spencer Loper
  • Þórður Karl Sigvaldason
  • Landon
  • Taires Bayl
  • Ryan McCord
  • Andrew
  • Armin
  • Troy Ready
  • Marc Norris
  • Charles Andrews
  • Julian Domayer
  • Sam Gardner
  • Sean Esler

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